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Generally speaking, if it's creative, we do it. Here's the gist of it:
Graphic Design



Music Lessons

••• Who we are •••

and how we came to be:
Let's make cool stuff!

We started the business in 2008 as more of a hobby to keep us creative while we worked our boring 9-5 jobs. In 2014, we turned it into our living. Whether you're looking to get a business card or bus wrap made - we do that. Head shots or pet shots (the photo kind - not the vet kind) - we do that too. A radio voiceover or a full album - yep. Wannabe musician, tone deaf? - Don't worry. We'll help. We've turned our hobbies into our life, so rest assured, you'll get a quality product. We do what we love, after all. •••

  • Graphic Design

    business cards to billboards

  • Photography

    specializing in lifestyle shoots

  • Recording

    voice overs to rock bands

  • Music Lessons

    guitar, bass, vocal

••• Nice to meet you •••

Main Man
I teach guitar lessons and handle the bulk of the recording sessions. My life changed and I found my calling when I heard Nirvana for the first time. I’m full of useless knowledge and enjoy thrift shops, fancy coffee and Sriracha sauce.
Main Dog
Doodah is an American Bulldog who likes to swim, ride in cars, crop dust, and cuddle. She models for test photos and drools on shoes.
Main (wo)man
I do the bulk of the graphic design and photography. I also whip people into shape when they record vocals in the studio. My greatest fear is gum. I want to be a biker chick.

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